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brotkohl recently released the latest version of TorchCam (0.3a), an application that improves the flexibility of the camera in Torchlight.  You can now zoom in and out, rotate the camera and even go into FPS mode!

The application works with the Runic version of Torchlight and the Steam version.  Check out the video below to see TorchCam in action!


Check out the official forum thread for more information, download links and discussion about TorchCam.


Working Multiplayer?

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Another Torchlight multiplayer project was announced yesterday, the new one is being developed by a forum member named dengus.  Why is this big news? It’s big because this multiplayer modification works! and we have a video to proof it.  Of course this project is still very early in it’s development stage but it’s amazing to see how hard these guys are working to get the multiplayer working.  The game has been out for nearly two weeks and already there are tons of great mods and applications out.  Anyway, here is the video you’ve all been waiting for.

Torchlight Mod Manager

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Shadowstorm just released the latest version of the Torchlight Mod Manager, an application to manage your mods.  This latest version is packed with goodies and features, this tool makes using Torchlight mods 100% idiot proof!

List of current features:

• Easy to install/delete mods.
• Enable/disable installed mods.
• Ability to launch Torchlight through the program.
• Both game and mod directories can be changed to fit your installation of Torchlight.
• The game saves a backup of your characters when you click ‘Play Torchlight’, and you may later at any time restore them.
• Auto-Update! Whenever you start the program it will check for the latest version and download it automatically (if needed).


Check out this awesome application at the official Runic Forums.



Torchlights Mods rating:  MUST HAVE!

Torchlight Multiplayer?

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A fellow named drivehappy on the official Torchlight forums has announced a multiplayer project for Torchlight. At the time of writing this modification is very early in the development process but apparently he has managed to do “Simple player movement across network w/ a non-animated base alchemist model.”

I actually said to my friend when I got Torchlight that if this game had co-op it would be the best game I’ve bought in years. Now it looks like that might actually be happen.

I wish drivehappy good luck with this large project. You can check out the WIP thread for this mod here and stay up-to-date with the latest news. I will also post again about this project if something large happens.

Torchlight Multiplayer

Official Mods

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Runic Games have released a few “Official” mods for Torchlight, maybe to inspire the Torchlight modding community, maybe to add some things that should have been in the original game.  I don’t know, but those mods are awesome.

The first mod I’m going to talk about is the Respec Mod by Tiamat.  This mod allows you to purchase potions that allow you to respec your character.  For those who don’t know, ‘respec’ means that you can re-distribute your skill points to create new “skill builds” for your character.  The mod is available at Torchlight Insider.

Another “Official” mod was released this week, named Bee Swarm!, it is a really cool mod that gives your pet a spell that makes him/her vomit bees that attack nearby enemies.  This mod will also be used as an example how you can add new skills to the game when the editor gets released.  Head on over to Torchlight Insider to download the mod.